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Get the latest updates, events and news right here on the Visit Big Bend Blog. Our blog is the best source of news for all fo the happenings in and around Big Bend.

Fall Event Season

Fall 2013 is shaping up to be a wonderful time to Visit Big Bend.  The steady summer rains promise a prolific wildflower bloom,and Fall is the perfect time to visit your favorite Texas wilderness.  In addition to spectacular scenery, exciting adventure activities, and friendly locals, Big Bend offers great Fall Events that you won't want to miss.

Worth a Thousand Words

There are some views you just can't take in all at once. Like a dazzling sunset or breathtaking field of wildflowers—you just can't appreciate such beauty in the moment, a moment that is often over before you realize it, the forms and colors of that marvelous vista already fading in your memory. Perhaps it was with the goal of preserving such scenes that the first camera was invented, a goal that you may still share when you visit a place as beautiful as Big Bend and the surrounding area. Why not take a look through our new and improved photo galleries to see what amazing sights have been preserved by astounded visitors and appreciative locals? When you see the mountains, plains, flora, and fauna displayed in those images, you'll be glad the gallery contributors took their camera along.

Your Big Year is Here

What are your new year's resolutions for 2012? Did you keep your resolutions for 2011? While the top resolutions each year include losing weight, learning something new, traveling, or getting out of debt, here's a new challenge you can take on this year: spot all the bird species in Big Bend National Park.

Big Bend Video Collections

Big Bend has some of the most spectacular scenery in Texas, if not the entire US.  Our big sky country rivals any other state and our night skies are as dark as anywhere for excellent star gazing. The beautiful light and great scenery make for a photographer’s paradise. 

Trails and Wildlife

There are many things you may love to do in Big Bend National Park in the heat of summer, but running or jogging is probably not one of them. With 90+ degree temperatures, there simply is no such thing as a nice July run in West Texas. With the dry weather we've had this year, you have truly hostile workout conditions. That all changes this time of year, though, as temperatures drop and the sun gives us a break for a few months. What a great time to get out on some trails in Big Bend!

What´s an Unmanned Crossing?

If you live close to the Canadian border, the idea of an unmanned border crossing may not seem so strange, since the US has been using them along the northern border from some time now. But for those that stay closer to the south, you may be wondering about what the Boquillas crossing in Big Bend will be like.

The Softer Side of Big Bend

If you think that Big Bend is only all about roughnecks trekking out into the wilderness to prove just how tough you are, you're missing out on an awful lot. Aside from the camping, hiking, and being one with nature, there is a completely different side to this national park that you may very well enjoy even more. For now, we'll call it the softer side of Big Bend — the artsy side.

Where to Stay?

Planning a vacation means making a lot of decisions all at the same time. You have to settle on a destination, secure lodging, plan meals and activities, mark out a traveling route, buy supplies, figure out what to pack—and all this while keeping a close eye on your budget. But if you're preparing for a vacation to Big Bend, we can make some of those decisions a little easier. All you have to do is check out Where to Stay.

New Maps of Big Bend

The USGS (US Geological Survey) has released a new geological map for the Big Bend National Park area. Nature and rock enthusiasts, as well as historians and geologists will likely jump at this opportunity to explore the preserved geology found in the Chisos Mountains and Chihuahua Desert. Are you among them?

Don’t Waste a Drop

Last week we talked about making sure you bring enough water on camping and hiking trips and ways you can more easily carry that water on your back. However, in the Daily Report, we are asked to conserve water, due to the continuing danger of fires. How can one conserve water, even in an area where water is hard to come by? Let’s look at a couple of useful suggestions.

How to Be a Camel

There may be more than enough water in the northeast, thank to Irene, but if you plan on trekking around Big Bend, you’ll likely need to carry your own water with you. How much water does one need to take along to stay hydrated? What’s the best way to carry water? Let’s take a look.

Quick, Make a Wish!

This weekend is supposed to be the peak time to the Perseid meteor shower in Texas. And what better place could you be than in Big Bend and the surrounding area? The mornings of August 12 and 13, just before dawn, are going to be the highlights of this light show, so don’t miss it!

Animal Sightings in Big Bend

A mountain lion was recently sighted in Big Bend, causing a little commotion in the process. Imagine walking into the public restrooms and finding a big cat drinking out of the toilet! If you’d run out of their screaming, then you’re not alone. That’s exactly what two park visitors did.

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The Big Bend is named for the vast curve of the Rio Grande in remote southwest Texas. It is a wildly beautiful natural region, with a complex and fascinating history. Over one million acres of public land including Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park offer hiking, camping, river running, horse riding, mountain bicycling, jeep touring and abundant sightseeing opportunities on paved and improved roads. Accommodations run the range from convenient and comfortable to resort luxury.

A few remarkable communities near Big Bend National Park: Marathon, Terlingua and Study Butte, Terlingua Ghost Town, and Lajitas, offer services, amenities, and entertainment. A variety of guided outdoor activities are available. Big Bend is a diverse region with endless possibilities for adventure and discovery.

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