Big Bend National Park
By India Wilson

Sculptured mountains waiting for dawning colors captured my vision. Playful yellows stretching, reaching into baby blues and pastel pinks.  The slight cool breeze was breathing softly. Desert birds were chattering  in the golden light of a new glorious day. It was a perfect day to get out and take a hike in Big Bend National Park.

From the Study Butte area, it is about 32 miles on Hwy.118. First, breakfast at the basin is a great place to get you motivated with hot coffee to explore all the wonder of this magnificent area. There are many places to hike. If you are unfamiliar with this area, go to the Panther Junction visitor information center in the park or the Barton Warnock center going into Lajitas. They will be happy to explain and give you advice where to go and what to do.

In the summer we have extreme heat in the hundreds and you can get in trouble fast if you don’t take enough drinking water especially if you get lost . Always stay on hiking trails that are posted. Carry a pack on your back with plenty of water and energy snacks to get you by just in case you are on the trail longer than expected. Always tell someone where you are going and what time you will return . Don’t take any chances.

There are several river company’s here in Study Butte and the Ghost Town that will put you on the Rio Grande , Santa Elena or Colorado Canyon for thrills of a life time. Either half a day or all day or several days . Even jeep rides are available. The Cotton Wood camp ground in Big Bend National Park  is a beautiful place to camp out if that is your relaxing agenda. Bring your camera by all means because there is so much to photograph: Mountains , Birds, Wildlife, the Rio Grande , Old adobes  and so much more. If you are  looking for some down time, check out the hot springs early in the morning or during the day and just get in that warm water and totally relax.  Been there a few times myself. If you’re an artist, like I am, the views are spectacular. So many vivid colors in the range of amazing mountains and desert.

Maybe you’re a writer, and need some quite time to be alone with your thoughts then this is the place to  come.  (Peacefulness that heals)  If you want a place to get away from all that city racket and regroup, this is the place to come. Especially  in the Spring , Fall and Winter. Sometimes in the winter, the mountains might get a light shimmering snow cascade of white sparkling diamonds  across the rugged beauty of our “Ghost Mountains”.

Come see for yourself, you will be glad you did.