IMPORTANT: Please note that all property in Brewster County is either private property or is part of Big Bend National Park, Big Bend Ranch State Park, or other State preserves. It is illegal  to trespass on private property. Please do not collect rocks, plants, artifacts. Brewster County Tourism Council request that you abide by all laws and regulations.

Big Bend offers many exciting activities, from sightseeing in the family car and enjoying the amenities of a comfortable lodge, to hard-core wilderness adventures, and everything in between. People visit Big Bend to hike, camp, ride horses, paddle the river, pedal bicycles, ride motorcycles, look for wildlife, look for nightlife, and to get a life. Some work hard at it, others let professionals do the heavy lifting. A small community of experienced outfitters and activity providers arrange excursions of all descriptions, as well as provide good local information for visitors.