Desert environments have inspired great philosophers, poets, artists and dreamers of every description. The Chihuahuan Desert, that the Big Bend region is a part of, is no exception. Once described as a dusty bohemia, the greater Terlingua area enjoys an abundance of resident musicians, painters, sculptors, photographers, lapidarists, ceramicists, and talented actors.


Marathon offers a few nice shops and art galleries with a pleasantly non-pretensious and laid back approach that offer fine arts and photography, handcrafts, books and unique regional clothing.

Chisos Gallery – Specializes in Southwestern art, religious articles, Mexican antiques and Tarahumara pottery, with an extensive and diverse selection. On U.S. Hwy. 90, next to the Post Office. 424-386-4200

Evans Gallery – James Evans is a keen observer of the Big Bend, which is reflected in his fine B&W photography. The gallery also displays original works by other southwestern artists. Across the tracks, Ave. D and South 1st St. 432-386-4366

Terlingua/Study Butte

Terlingua/Study Butte have a unique setting and atmosphere that lends itself to great art projects as well as attracts residents with artistic inclination. There are several locations to see local art and handwork.

Bonnie Wunderlick is a local painter whose work is displayed at the High Sierra Bar and Grill in Terlingua and the Catchlight Gallery in Alpine. Bonnie’s Big Bend work includes landscapes, figures, architecture and abstract paintings which reflect the artist’s 20 plus years of painting the Big Bend and her influences in contemporary painting. Terlingua Gallery

Quilts, Etc. is located in the Bee Mountain Center on highway 118 jjust north of the junction of TX 170, features home made quilts in a variety of styles and fabrics.

Many Stones – Fine jewelry hand crafted by the proprietor, stained glass, precious and semi- precious stones, mineral specimens and eclectic surprises. Open most of the time. Highway 118, just south of the junction of 170 and 118. 432-371-2994

Brer’ Rabbit Curios – Is in the Chisos Mining Company office. It is a classic souvenir shop, neat stuff for not much money. They feature a selection of rocks and fossils, along with kitschy memorabilia. No Santa Fe styled art, or pricey cowboy chic. Located in Chisos Mining Company Motel. Highway 170, Study Butte. 432-371-2430

Terlingua Trading Company & Book Store – The Trading Company boasts an extraordinary inventory of southwestern U. S. and Mexican influenced gifts and collectibles, including an outstanding book and map section. Open 10:00am – 9:00pm almost always. 432-371-2234

Earth and Fire Imports carries an assortment of fine ceramics and metalwork from Mexico, as well as displays work by local artists A resident artist program allows visitors to meet local artists at the shop and learn how the beautiful landscape inspires and informs their work.