Getting around Big Bend can be a complicated affair. National Park Headquarters is over 4 hours drive from the nearest commercial airport, and two hours from the train station in Alpine. Backpackers, hikers, and river runners often need help moving their vehicles and equipment from the beginning of their route to the other end.

These local providers can help with the tedious logistical details of a trip to Big Bend, and get visitors quickly into the fun part of their trip.

Big Bend River Tours , FM 170 near the junction of FM 170 and TX 118. 800-545-4240, local 371-3033

Big Bend Shuttle Service, In Terlingua. 800-728-2860, local 371-2523

Desert Sports, FM 170, 5 miles west of the junction of FM 170 and TX 118. 432-371-2727

Far Flung Outdoor Center, FM 170 near junction of FM 170 and TX 118. 432-371-2633