In the remote Big Bend region, hospitality is a long established tradition. Accommodations run the gamut from 4 star luxury resort to economical motel rooms where active visitors can bed down and bathe in between adventures.


Marathon Lodging

Marathon is the eastern gateway to Big Bend National Park, about 30 miles north of the northernmost Park entrance. It offers many choices of accommodation styles: from comfortable roadside hotel, to Santa Fe style luxury, to private adobe casitas.


Getting here can be half the fun, but not if you don’t plan well. Big Bend is one of the most remote areas of the lower 48 states.


Study Butte Lodging

Terlingua Business District and Study Butte are small communities clustered near the Junction of Highways TX 118 and FM170 a few miles from the western entrance of Big Bend National Park. There are several comfortable accommodations very convenient to the western entrance of Big Bend National Park.


Terlingua Ghostown Lodging

Historic Terlingua offers some unique accommodation and camping options. Go historic or go modern, all within walking distance of restaurants for all three meals. Also enjoy a choice of bars, all with great views of the Chisos Mountains and Big Bend National Park.


Lajitas Lodging

Lajitas Resort overlooks the legendary Rio Grande and is nestled between the crown jewelry of scenic Texas: Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park.


Outlying Areas Lodging

Find peace, quiet and privacy off the beaten path (sometimes well off) even during busy seasons. All within striking distance of Big Bend National Park.


National Park Lodging

Big Bend National Park has only one lodge/hotel within its boundaries, Chisos Mountains lodge. There are three developed campgrounds and many backroad campsites available as well.