“Secluded Big Bend”

By India Wilson

The last frontier was not heard of much until writers and photographers started searching for other places to get stories and new photo material to share with magazines and newspapers.

It took a few years but the word got out about a place hidden away in the thirsty desert and rugged ghost mountains. Old Mexico was it’s closest neighbor.

I came out this way back in 1983. A friend told me about a place – I had never heard of it and I am a born Texan! I had always liked wide open places. Give me a painted sky, a place to breath and lots of sunshine. So I packed up and headed this way. I was so tired of the city racket and wanted some peace in my life, so I took that leap of faith. Best decision I ever made.

Very early that May Morning driving to my new place to live, I took Hwy.170 to Lajitas, Texas.

lajitas-peakLajitas peak was showing off all it’s red boulders and rocks as the sun danced on its carpet of dusty red. Old Mexico was straight ahead with massive dark blue mountains that stood with pride against the golden pink clouds ascending with cloaks of ruffled colors. The mighty Rio Grande was just about 3 miles away.

The warm sun was coming up fast over the cascade of painted mountains. It took my breath away. A strange feeling overcame me as I gazed at all that endless rugged beauty, thinking – this is where I will be living. It was like I was coming home, finally ….such a strange peacefulness embraced me. Suddenly, tears trickled down my cheeks.