Marathon is over the moon about its dark skies and bright Milky Way views. You’re invited to share in the awe-inspiring experience of soaking it all up at New Moon Fests. The New Moon Festival celebrates these beautiful starry skies with educational talks, star parties, tacos, music, and more.

After the inaugural fest, plans are already brewing for the next one in January! So stay tuned!

In the Big Bend, the stars are dizzyingly bright. The openness of the landscape provides a vast viewshed of sky. Marathon’s panorama of the world is wonderfully wide-open, and its residents work hard to keep light pollution to a minimum. It’s one of the darkest towns in Texas! All the creature comforts minus the light pollution!

At this year’s New Moon Fest, speaker Bill Wren, an astronomer and educator with McDonald Observatory, said 90 per cent of the population lives where they can’t see the Milky Way (because of light pollution). Places like Marathon are vital for providing access to this ancient human experience.
It’s so important for towns like Marathon to exist, where keeping light pollution to a minimum is a top priority for residents and businesses.

Many people already know Marathon is nice and dark after sunset. That’s why folks choose this town above all others to set up telescopes and astro-imaging equipment — stunning images are the pay off. And just about any night is good for stargazing.
Marathon Motel and RV Park is a home base for aspiring astronomers, and New Moon Festival 1.0 introduced several astro-photographers stationed here. They produce incredible images of nebula and galaxies far far away, right out of little ol’ Marathon! Really, the stars are out of this world!

Bill Wren shared his theory about the importance of being able to see the Milky Way — an amazing sight to behold. He believes it fosters our ability to think abstractly about the world and our problems. When we can view ourselves in relation to a vast outer space, it makes human problems seem smaller – which can be a good thing.

Perhaps it’s not too far-fetched to believe that admiring the universe helps us think in a big picture kind of way; it certainly helps us to dream.
So, come to Marathon for some galactic perspective and “night” dreaming! Bring a telescope, or get comfy in a chair and blanket, and settle in for some of the most intense stargazing around!
Stay tuned for the next New Moon Fest, to be announced soon for January 2019!