Videos and Additional Information:
Pyroclastic Eruption, Yasur Volcano, Vanuatu

A Fissure Eruption On Eyjafjalla Volcano, Iceland
Pyroclastic Eruptions, Eyjafjalla Volcano, Iceland

Many Kinds Of Volcano Eruptions, Kilauea, Hawaii
Moving Lava Cools And Turns Brittle, Mt. Etna, Sicily

Gas Lava Piston, Kilauea, Hawaii, U.S.G.S.
Thermal View, Lava Pond, Kilauea, Hawaii, U.S.G.S.
Caldera Collapse Animation
U.S.G.S. Plate Tectonics Animations

Geoscience Reference Information:
Virtual Landscapes Of Texas
Wikipedia Geology
Earth Cache – Geological Society Of America

Paisano Volcano Technical Information:
–Tertiary alkaline magmatism in Trans-Pecos Texas, Daniel S. Barker
Origin of the trachyte–quartz trachyte–peralkalic rhyolite suite of the
Oligocene Paisano volcano, Trans-Pecos Texas, Don F. Parker
Compositional changes in Trans-Pecos Texas Magmatism coincident

     with Cenozoic stress realignment, E. W. James and C. D. Henry.


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