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Trois jours merveilleux à Big Bend, Texas

The Gage Hotel in Marathon Texas

De robustes gorges dominent le puissant Rio Grande dans l’ouest du Texas et séparent les États-Unis du Mexique. La région de Big Bend au Texas offre un magnifique mélange de plaines montagneuses et désertiques. Des plateaux, recouverts de plantes Ocotillo ramifiées et de yucca en fleurs, s’élancent vers […]

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3 Dreamy Days in Big Bend, Texas

Candelilla House Big Bend Holiday Hotel

Craggy canyons tower over the mighty Rio Grande in west Texas, separating the United States from Mexico. The Big Bend area of Texas offers a blissful coexistence of mountain terrain and desert plains. Entire mesas covered with branchy ocotillo plants and blooming yucca reach sky high. More than a national […]

Hiking Trails for Young Children in Big Bend National Park

By Belle Peña-Lancaster

Planning a trip to the Big Bend Region with children in tote can be a bit intimidating. The road wear you incur while traveling just to get to the Brewster County line is unavoidable, however it’s completely worth it. From one family to another let us share our favorite hiking trails for young […]

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Marathon does Christmas the right way

If you’re in the Big Bend during the holidays, be sure to check out Marathon. It’s a little town off Hwy 90 that knows how to have big fun during Christmastime.

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Remembering That First Big Bend Experience

The last frontier was not heard of much until writers and photographers started searching for other places to get stories and new photo material to share with magazines and newspapers.

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Terlingua Oddities: Ships in the Desert?

Oh the sands of the desert. Where rocks protrude, reaching for the clear blue sky which allows the sun to caress the desolate waste. The camel, the ship of the desert, gracefully treads its way.

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Visit Boquillas

Boquillas is a small village in Mexico that sits on the Eastern side of Big Bend National Park. The community features an international port of entry to cross the Rio Grande. The crossing is open Wednesday through Sunday year round from 9:00am until 6:00pm.

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The Big Bend is one of the best places in Texas, maybe the world, to ride a motorcycle. There are hundreds of miles of scenic paved highways with mountains and curves galore.

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Most who visit Big Bend drive a personal vehicle. Public transportation is available, but not always most convenient. From most cities of origin, there is a fastest way to get to the National Park Area, as well as alternate routes that sometimes offer more scenery and less stress than the relentless pace of US 90 and Interstates 10 and 20.

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Birding Hot Spots

Several locations in and around Big Bend National Park offer excellent birdwatching in a variety of habitats.

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Birding List

Common names and phylogenetic sequence are from the 1993 Thirty-ninth supplement to the 1983 sixth edition of the American Ornithologists' Union Checklist of North American Birds as published in the April 8 1994 Auk 110:675-682.

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Interp guides

Organized groups, bus tours, bird watchers, and people who are curious about the intriguing natural and human history of the Big Bend can hire a specialized guide

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Local Transport

Getting around Big Bend can be a complicated affair. National Park Headquarters is over 4 hours drive from the nearest commercial airport, and two hours from the train station in Alpine. Backpackers, hikers, and river runners often need help moving their vehicles and equipment from the beginning of their route to the other end.

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