The 51st Annual Chili Cook-off will be held the first weekend in November 2017. For those who are unaware, there are actually two different cook-offs held on the same weekend.  The Frank X. Tolbert Cook-off, or the “one behind the store” as it’s often referred to is scheduled for November 1-4, 2017 in Terlingua. The other cook-off better known as the CASI cook-off which is located at Rancho CASI del los Chisos (just down the road a piece from the Terlingua Ghostown) is scheduled for the same dates, but gates open as early as October 30, 2017.  Cost to get in the gate is $40.00 per person for all 4 days. Come on down and check out some of the best chili in the world!  For more information on each event, check out their websites. We will see you there!