winner_2014The 49th annual  Terlingua International Chili Championship will be held at rancho de los C.A.S.I, on highway 170 between Terlingua and Lajitas

Terlingua is where it all started in 1967, when a group of friends got together to settle a heated dispute about what constituted good chili. Nothing was resolved, and ever since chili lovers from all over the world have gathered on the first Saturday of each November to vie for the title of world’s best chili cook. These days, over 10,000 fanatics of all stripes show up for the food and the fun, literally doubling the population of Brewster County. Click here for more info  about the Chili Appreciation Society International, a non-profit organization dedicated to Chili culture, good times, and helping out the Terlingua community. Profits from the Cook-Off go towards local Fire, EMS and schools.