Across the street from the original Falcon’s and next to the Mexican government property is Restaurant Boquillas, operated by another branch of the Falcon family. The Falcon family ancestors immigrated from the Canary Islands to San Antonio de Bexar, and then to the Big Bend area in the late 18th century as military colonists to the Spanish Presidio at San Vicente, a few miles upriver from Boquillas. Senora Falcon is known for her handiwork with decorative carry bags. Restaurant Boquillas is affiliated with Discover Boquillas, a community tourism cooperative.

Both restaurants offer small bean tacos, lightly fried, topped with cabbage and delicious homemade salsas. There are cheese enchiladas, bean burritos, and usually guacamole. The difference between a taco and a burrito is tacos are made with corn tortillas and burritos with wheat flour. To date, neither location has a printed menu. Don’t hesitate to ask for something you might like, they can probably do it, given limited ingredients. Menu variety will improve during the fall high season. This report will be updated as options develop in Boquillas. Current price for a good meal of modest portion with soft drink or bottled water is about $6. Gratuities are always appropriate. Many visitors go both places before they leave town.